Emission du 16 avril 2018, saison XI, épisode 12

Cecil Taylor Unit, Dark To Themselves, ENJA, 1992: Streams and Chorus of Seed [extrait]

TOC (Ternoy / Orins / Cruz), Will Never Play These Songs Again, Circum Disc, 2018: Ultimate Earworms [extrait]

The Recyclers, Davout, DStream, 2018: Caboose

Aka Moon, Constellations Box - 13. Amazir - 2006, Outhere Music, 2018: Lila

Emmanuel Scarpa, Invisible Worlds, Coax Records, 2016: ... they are getting through

CORONADO, Au pire, un bien, Label La Buissonne, 2015: La commissure des lèvres








Date de diffusion: 
Lundi 16 Avril 2018