Emission du 19 mars 2018, saison XI, épisode 10

Big Satan (Berne / Ducret / Rainey), Souls saved hear, Thirsty Ear, 2004: Mr. Subliminal

Peter Bruun’s Vernacular Avant Garde, All Too Human, Ayler Records, 2018: Sunshine superman

Kaze, Atody Man, Circum-Disc, 2017: Méta-Blizzard

Hoarse, (Merel / Hazebrouck / Chiffoleau / Lechantre), Happy Camper, Yolk Records, 2017: Ô

Nathalie Darche / Carine Llobet, Pétrole, Pépin&Plume, 2018: Speed + A little story in blue

Oboman / Ithursarry, Paris By Song, Adlib Productions, 2017: Belleville

AUM Grand Ensemble, You’ve never listened to the wind, Onze Heures Onze, 2017: Trees and hills and flowers and moonlight and sun + What does the passing wind tell you + The moonlight behind the tall branches 












Date de diffusion: 
Lundi 12 Mars 2018